Wardaemonic – Acts Of Repentance CD

1. Act I – Introspection 07:15
2. Act II – Admission 08:58
3. Act III – Castigation 12:09
4. Act IV – Sufferance 09:01
5. Act V – Repentance 08:14


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Get this stunning album on 8-panel digipak format which has a gold effect and moreover an embossed logo with gloss UV lamination done on select areas of the digipak.

Australian black metal force WARDAEMONIC return with the mightiest album of their career. They’ve gone from strength to strength and on the new album they’ve even incorporated slower, dissonant parts that work brilliantly when contrasted with their trademark blasting music. This is top-shelf black metal that’s uncompromising and steely in its approach, backed with enough experience to make this memorable and also intriguing enough to keep coming back to it for more. This is superbly executed, timeless form of black metal that melds sounds associated with it into one epic, powerful expression that can be deemed quintessential. ‘Acts of Repentance’ gets more elaborate as it progresses, first pummelling the listener into submission and then casting a spell with their transcendental progressions. This is among the finest albums to come out of Australia and is sure to go down as a landmark album for the unheralded band.

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