Ursinne – Swim With The Leviatan CD


1. Devil May Care 04:56
2. I, Serpentine 03:33
3. Bullet Bitten 05:00
4. The Chimes of Midnight 03:47
5. Talons 02:58
6. Underworld 03:29
7. Hollow Hearse 02:47
8. Something Wicked This Way Comes 03:44
9. Crazy Horses (THE OSMONDS Cover ft. Count MoriVond from Danse dE Sade) 02:34
10. Turning Japanese (THE VAPORS Cover also ft. Jonny Pettersson on vocals) 03:53
11. Monsters in the Parasol (Bonus Track ft. Kam Lee – QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Cover)03:39
12. Spellbound (Bonus Track – SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Cover) 03:19


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It doesn’t get bigger than this. Two death metal legends, who’ve been around for over 20 years actively in the scene, come together to record a jaw-dropping debut under the moniker of URSINNE. Dave Ingram who has been a part of BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, HAIL OF BULLETS and more recently ECHELON joins forces with Jonny Pettersson who has been equally active with his death metal bands WOMBBATH, JUST BEFORE DAWN, ASHCLOUD and of late the critically-acclaimed HENRY KANE. Together they churn out the heaviest kind of death metal that is rife with classic appeal and flavour. ‘Swim With The Leviathan’ is a lesson in death metal glory that encapsulates everything that makes the genre timeless.

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