Plasmodium – Towers of Silence CD Box Set


1. ParaMantra
2. Churning
3. Pseudocidal
4. Translucinophobia
5. Vertexginous


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This is a special item which is of light brown colour, in the shape of a coffin and made of wood, and having the band’s logo printed on top of it. It comes loaded with the following items and is limited to just 45 nos.

► 8-panel digipak CD with metallic effect and UV embossing
► Autographed card
► Fridge magnet
► Beer coaster
► Large Badge
► Metallic sticker

Australian band Plasmodium shocked listeners with their astounding debut that was an incredible expression of spacey, convoluted black/death metal like no other. For their sophomore album, they’ve harnessed the same ideals and embraced atmospheric elements into their decidedly free-flowing, organic-sounding and tangibly terrifying music to lend to it an otherworldly air – at any given point of time there’s a sense of looming dread and impending cacophony. This is certainly not meant for the more conventional or easy listening metal fans because the music can reach a crescendo of morbid proportions, but for the fans of the extreme, there is nothing better than a pure cathartic release, one that is visceral and palpable. The atmospheric parts appearing after the mind-numbing rampage feel like a dimension-transcending breakthrough of some kind in an intense and demanding psychedelic trip. No one will emerge unscathed from this experience.

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