Paganizer – Land Of weeping Souls- Deluxe CD


1. Your Suffering Will Be Legendary 03:35
2. Dehumanized 03:17
3. Forlorn Dreams 04:40
4. Land of Weeping Souls 03:25
5. The Insanity Never Stops 03:23
6. Selfdestructor 03:21
7. Death Addicts Posthumous 03:15
8. The Buried Undead 03:11
9. Soulless Feeding Machine 03:48
10. Prey To Death 03:16


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Swedish heavyweights PAGANIZER release an album that defies logic. Having been around since nearly two decades, their music has only gotten faster and heavier. ‘Land of Weeping Souls’ is undeniably their fiercest and tightest yet. Fresh from the success of their recent EP on the same Indian label, this new album, their 10th full length, is a huge leap ahead. Each of the songs retain the classic Swedish riffing appeal and is enhanced by accelerated drumming, heaving hooks and even a rabid thrash metal influence. In the words of Rogga Johansson himself, “the new album is the best PAGANIZER album, death fucking metal the way it is supposed to be done”.

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