Lurk – Fringe CD


1. Ostrakismos 05:48 video
2. Tale Blade 05:57
3. Reclaim 05:36
4. Elan 06:26
5. Offshoot 04:35
6. Furrow 04:57
7. Nether 03:33
8. Proteus Syndrome 07:04


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Wistful and mysterious, LURK’s music is just as interesting and multi-faceted as their cover artwork. Blending elements of doom, black and death metal into their astounding sludge template, the Finnish band is taking the sound ahead in ways hitherto unheard. Haunting, soaring melodies juxtapose with abrasive low-end riffs without hampering the overall aesthetics. Watch the band take you into a slow, hallucinatory descent towards madness where multiple worlds coalesce and still make sense – that in a nutshell is the music of LURK.
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