Innards – Back from the Grave, Straight in Your Face CD BOX Set


1. Intro – Night Of The Anthropophagous 05:47
2. Enlightenment Through Hate (ft. Frank Blackfire of SODOM and Kam Lee of MASSACRE) 05:08
3. The Fog 05:25


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The INNARDS limited edition box set version comes in a big, sturdy box with silver embossing done for the logo and text area, not only on the front but also on the spine and back side and comes packed with the following exclusive items:

► 8-Panel Digipak CD with UV + Metallic Effect
► Autographed card
► Silver Patch
► Fridge magnet
► Badge
► Guitar pick with band logo

INNARDS play some of the freshest-sounding death metal music where this kind of style goes – they’re taking the best elements of old school death metal and spicing it up with some grind a la early CARCASS, REPULSION and IMPETIGO to create a sizzling blend of both classic styles that’s done to perfection. Founded by ex-GROG guitarist and a bunch of like-minded death metal fanatics, this smashing debut also features vocals from the legend Kam Lee (MASSACRE) as well as guest solos from none other than Frank Blackfire (SODOM). Rooted in the horror movie culture, this one is heaps of fun and has everything that got you into this style in the first place. This is any death metal fan’s wet dream. Get ready for this nasty little debut that’s going to knock you off your feet and will have you begging for more. This one is destined for endless repeat listens.

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