Hex – God Has No Name CD Box Set


1. Thy Kingdom Gone 05:26
2. Soulsculptor 04:40
3. Worshipping Falsehood 04:49
4. Daevangelism – The Dark Sunset 06:08
5. Where Gods Shall Not Reign 05:17
6. Apocryphal 04:38
7. All Those Lies That Dwells… 06:26


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Featuring gorgeous and highly detailed artwork by Warbanner, this box has a gold effect throughout and only 100 are up for purchase through us.

Each of these box sets come with the following items:

1) 8-Panel Digipak CD with matte finish
2) Autographed certificate of authenticity from the band
3) Massive A3 size poster of the album artwork
4) Yellow colour logo patch
5) Guitar pick with the band logo
6) Sticker of the album artwork

Spain’s best kept secret, HEX, return with a pummelling new full length of death/doom metal music with unconventional riffing and delivery. This is mid-paced death/doom metal that is reminiscent of early RUNEMAGICK, BOLT THROWER, PARADISE LOST, HYPOCRISY and UNLEASHED. But there’s more than meets the eye, as the music is interspersed with exotic riffing, female vocals, interludes and even breakdowns. There’s a certain appeal to their music that makes it stand out from the derivative lot as this doesn’t owe too much to any particular style or band. It’s a cohesive fusion of various influences melded into a sound that Hex can now call their own. With members of experienced bands in the lineup such as VIRULENCY, TOMB, INCURSED, to name a few, the outcome is simply phenomenal. The fiercely titled release ‘God Has No Name’ will go down as the breakthrough album for the band and perhaps even the whole of the current death/doom style with the band’s innovative and thoughtful approach towards it.

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