Eremit – Carrier Of Weight CD


1. Dry Land 23:29
2. Froth Is Beckoning 11:22 video
3. Cocoon Of Soul 33:22


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Get the crushing new full length on digipak CD which comes with fantastic artwork from Mariusz Lewandowski (BELL WITCH), with the layout done by Italian artist Francesco Gemelli. It contains complete information and lyrics in its 12-page booklet.

Monolithic sludge/doom band EREMIT give us one of the heaviest and most ambitious album the style has seen in recent times. Featuring stunning album artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski (BELL WITCH), the band trudge through turbulent, winding structures without letting them affect the overall momentum. There are three epic songs, with the longest being over 33 minutes, where they flesh out every nuance and showcase rare depth while retaining unparalleled brutality. Being the band’s debut, the emotions are all too raw and palpable, but perhaps that’s what’s needed to get the point across. This is undiluted, straight-from-the-heart, maxed out sludge/doom with moments of poignancy ensconced in the bludgeoning heaviness.

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