Down Among The Dead Man – And You Will Obey Me CD

1. Destroy The Infinite 03:10
2. Axis Of Insanity 02:56
3. …And You Will Obey Me 02:59 video
4. The End Of Time 02:50
5. Omega 02:42
6. House Of Blue Fire 02:48
7. The Age Of Steel 03:07
8. Eye Of Harmony 03:50
9. Darkness Of Glass 03:19
10. Panopticon 02:47


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Death metal legends David Ingram (ex-BOLT THROWER, URSINNE, ECHELON) and Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, EYE OF PURGATORY, NECROGOD) team up to create a new chapter of the heaviest form of death metal/crust you’ll hear. With both members being in top form following the resounding success of URSINNE and PAGANIZER on the common label, they do something outstanding for DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, taking the unique sound forward without betraying the roots. The third album is the best one in their acclaimed discography where bludgeoning death metal meets the spunk of crust and leaves something unforgettable in its wake. Immaculately produced and executed as a fully functioning band, ‘And You Will Obey Me’ will go down as one of the strongest albums of this period.

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