Dodsferd – Diseased Remnants Of A Dying World LP


1. My Father, My Wrath!!! 08:41
2. An existence without purpose 11:00
3. Diseased Remnants of a dying world 16:18
4. Loyal to the Black Oath 09:23
5. Back to my homeland…My last Breath…. 06:22


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It’s been for years now that I was thinking to move away from the city and isolate myself in the mountains of my homeland, so I can find some rest from all this disease, that we all agree calling them “humans”. Frustration and disgust were the only feelings that were growing inside me day by day, as I was working on my new album.

17 years of a soul destroying journey that continues so far with stronger feelings of hate, appetite for total destruction and creation of absolute chaos. This world is dead for me. I am not part of it, I never was! I cannot breathe fresh air anymore, but rotting corpses of useless parasites. I throw up with your political and religious ideals. You are trying so hard to find something else, something higher to believe instead on focusing on your own powers to achieve everything you wish for, everything you need to survive. You follow political groups, without knowing at all, what ideas stand for and what’s their position in this fucked up world.

I am also getting bored reading theories and philosophies from all the black metal wise asses, who think that they can rule this scene, by being prophets of higher forces. They have understood that they ‘ve been followed by weak sheep and they are doing their best to misguide them with their philosophies. Has anyone ever tried to see behind all their theories and who they really are? Do they follow all these in their lives, or they are still some spoiled children who have a comfortable background and doing their hobby, till they find something new?

Fuck all of them and fuck everyone who criticized my band and the way I work. You know shit about me and my philosophy. My band is only for the few, only for the capable ones. I create, I don’t copy!!!! My diary of my life is full of experiences that have been written on all of my albums and my songs. If I ever need your shitty opinion, I will ask for it. Till then, if you belong to the brainless masses, just stay away from my band, or else drown into my new album and think seriously your position on this world!!! No second chances for the losers!!!!

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