Devenial Verdict – Ash Blind LP


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3.Ash Blind
4.Sun Hammer
5.Mourning Star
6.The Contemptor
8.World Breaker


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These are high quality LP’s that are imported from the best plants in Europe. There are Three unique colour variants, with each one of them being strictly limited and hand-numbered to 100 nos. each.

The thick gatefold sleeves have a beautiful metallic effect all over and there’s even raised UV lamination done on parts of the layout.

The artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski is breathtaking.

Each LP comes with a download code and transparent logo sticker.

LP variant #3 is restricted to the vinyl subscription club –

Please bear in mind that these colours are for representational purpose only and the actual products may differ. Also the shipping date is tentative because of the huge mess at the vinyl plants around the world and it’s possible that the LP’s will be shipped out a later, depending on the backlog at the pressing plants.

Finnish death metal band Devenial Verdict bring a fresh approach to the style, particularly with their dissonant leanings. Where most such bands sound jarring and convoluted, Devenial Verdict are unusually expansive and atmospheric, and even allow for plaintive emotions to linger on. Intense parts accentuated by singularly powerful vocals are contrasted against the deeply immersive atmosphere where the emotive melodies shimmer starkly. It’s this alternating of seemingly conflicting yet familiar emotions that breaks down the listener and compels him to give in to the sheer evocative appeal of the music which only tightens its grip as the album unfolds. Each song adds a different shade, nuance, character to the momentum generated and compels him to bear witness to this phenomenon. Repeated exposure to it doesn’t diminish its impact nor its appeal, which only attests to the band’s commendable songwriting skills that keep the music varied enough to be engrossing but also cohesive enough to not digress. Albums like these don’t come very often and when they do, they change the scope of the style.

FFO: Ulcerate, Klexos, Morbid Angel, Mithras, Blut Aus Nord

Line up:
Okko Tolvanen – Drums
Sebastian Frigren – Guitars
Antti Poutanen – Bass Riku
Saressalo – Vocals
Artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski

Weight 550 g

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