De Profundis – The Blinding Light of Faith CD

1. Obsidian Spires 05:02
2. War Be Upon Him 04:45
3. Opiate For The Masses 06:04
4. Bastard Sons Of Abraham 05:20
5. Martyrs 04:50
6. Godforsaken 04:47 video
7. Beyond Judgement 04:49
8. Bringer Of Light 07:01


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Long-running death metal band DE PROFUNDIS have had an illustrious career. Over the years, they’ve kept perfecting their sound which incorporated progressive as well as melodic elements, and for their fifth full length, they’ve distilled only the best qualities into a massive death metal slab that’s emotive yet powerful. ‘The Blinding Light Of Faith’ is a bold step forward for the band into heavier territories as they eschew long, winding songs and go straight for the jugular. With a new logo made by Gary Ronaldson (MISERY INDEX, BENIGHTED) and a gnarly album artwork by Alex Tartsus (SINISTER, DEPRAVITY) depicting the band’s anti-religious stance, DE PROFUNDIS are confident of their direction and this promises to be their best album thus far. It’s a quintessential death metal album that manages to showcase diversity without compromising on the heaviness.

About the album, the band says, “The Blinding Light of Faith is an album about three of the most merciless and bloodthirsty institutions in human history. There is no nation or people on this earth who haven’t suffered under the savagery of at least one of the Abrahamic religions and to reflect that suffering we have made the heaviest, most aggressive record of our career.”

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