Cerebrum – Iridium CD BOX Set

1. Time Reversal 04:11
2. A Face Unknown 04:02 video
3. Memory Hoax 04:06
4. Euphoric Control 04:37
5. Gods In Trance 04:05
6. Cognitive Dissonance 01:02
7. Astral Oblivion 03:56
8. Absorbed In Greed 04:14
9. Escape To Bliss 04:10


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Greek technical death metal stalwarts release a mind-boggling album of intense and complex death metal music that doesn’t abandon soul and emotive values in favour of technicality. This is momentum-heavy, rhythmic and visceral death metal that remains challenging while not disrupting flow or memorability. This quality seems long forgotten in the race of being the fastest or most flamboyant, and that is the very reason this experienced band that once boasted of having a NILE member, George Kollias, in their ranks, stands out from the pack. With stunning artwork from Costin Chioreanu (AT THE GATES) and special mastering from Colin Marston (GORGUTS), everything is ensured to provide maximum clarity despite prevailing (and essential) chaos, while retaining a human touch all along.

The CD box set for this release features continuous artwork printed all over the box with silver-embossed logos and text. This is limited to just 150 copies worldwide and each box set comes with the following items –

1) 8-Panel Digipak CD
2) A2 size poster with the extended album artwork
3) Autographed card personally signed by the band
4) Beer coaster of the album artwork
5) Blue logo patch
6) White guitar pick
7) Keychain with bottle opener

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