Bizarre – Invocation Codex LP


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1. The Void
2. An Obsolete Creation
3. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
4. Anima
5.Ex Oblivione
6 .Souls In Formaldehyde
7. From Beyond The Grave
8. The Speeches Of The Damned
9. Awaiting The Equinox
10. In The Bowels Of Voormithadreth
11. The Advent Of Eternal Pain
12. The Call Of The Great Old Ones
13. Ancient Forgotten Tsathoggua


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These are high quality LPs that come in an extra thick gatefold packaging. There are three unique colour variants, with each one of them being strictly limited to 100 nos. each. The sleeves have a metallic effect all over and there’s even embossing done on the logos and gloss UV lamination on parts of the layout.

Please bear in mind that these colours are for representational purpose only and the actual products may differ. Also the shipping date is tentative and it’s likely that the LPs will be shipped out sooner, depending on the backlog at the pressing plants.

Exhumed from the crypts of the forgotten Finnish death metal gods, the music of Bizarre is like an ancient dark force that has been summoned to be unleashed with magnified intensity upon the unsuspecting masses. Shrouded in layers of impenetrable darkness and reeking of otherworldly Lovecraftian horror and mystique, the music has an enchanting effect on the audience. Possessed-sounding vocals instil a sense of fear penetrating deep into the subconscious, as the guitars weave a dual-pronged attack comprising of body-maiming riffs and heart-stabbing melodies that sound like plaintive cries of souls trapped in bottomless limbo, all in all, orchestrating a diabolical onslaught invoking hell on earth. ‘Invocation Codex’ has been initiated to honour the true spirit of obscure death metal and wreak havoc in manners deemed necessary in such an era.

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